I've moved my blog from WordPress to Ghost.

I really prefer writing in MarkDown format and using a simple blogging platform. The blogging community in general - particularly technical bloggers - have been moving in this direction for a while now so I suppose I'm a bit late to the party.

On a side note, the email issue is a bit annoying. I own a large number of domain names and almost all of them have an email address or two that I just wanted to land in a single GMail inbox. Google Apps is built around (or at least priced around) handling large numbers of users on a small set of domains rather than a small number of users on a large set of domains. There are other hosted email solutions like Outlook that are a bit easier to deal with but moving between hosted providers with the volume of email archives I have is a bit difficult.

In any case, Ghost is my new home for blog content on the Internet. I reserve the right to move blogs (and naturally, break links) if I decide in the short term that this just isn't quite the platform I want, but so far it seems to do the trick nicely.